Break the Glass

Last night I had a dream wherein I was in the home of a very dear friend of mine and while I was there I saw a small typewritten piece of art that said:




And above the table from which that small piece of art sat there was a pane of glass, antique and shimmery. Inside the inset of the wall, behind the glass, there was another strip of paper that read:

Respect the words of Mr. Thatcher’s Glass Bottle:

And next to the table from which these pieces of art reside, there was a large glass bottle. It was maybe four or five feet tall. It was transparent with but a cork on the inside and a small message written on paper propped up against it. When you look real close it reads:

“If your actions do not challenge your assumptions, you will live your life trapped in a bottle where the way out is clear, the message resounding, with you being your own cork – stopped from the inside.”

-Mr. Michael Thatcher, Precious Metals Broker

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