Early Morning Sex

I always thought that romance was a part of the bedding of bitches. It ain’t. Woman like to feel useful and necessary to their man’s pleasure, especially when that man’s pleasure brings her status, jealousy, and accolades from other bitches.

Axiom #1: self-satisfaction first.

Nice guys finish last. And what is crucial to sexual intrigue and experiences is knowing that satisfaction is not orgasm. Satisfaction is having your way with the woman, in what ever way you are want to do. And that goes for anything in your life. That is dominance. That is confidence. That is taking the lead. That is alpha.

Watch this:

If there is anything you can learn, it from this video.

  1. The silver back is preoccupied with self satisfaction, ie eating.
  2. The female approaches the gorilla. Seriously, this is reality. Any man perceived to be high status by the other females will be approached by females. And did you notice what were her signals. Her proximity and her gaze.
  3. The male immediately looks away, goes back to what he was doing, and when he looks again, he reaches for her and puts her into a position of submission.
  4. All the other females recognize what is happening, they want to watch, be a part of the action, and possibly get laid too. They validate each other’s selection of the male by being present.

Take-aways: be self amused, take advantage of female signals of advancement, and dominate with a steady, sure-hand. Them bitches need you too.


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