Men Can Learn From The Sex Trade

Axiom #2: A woman who makes the investment once (i.e. glances, proximity, words, touch, gifts, nudes, sex) will make the investment again. If not subsequently larger investments.

The following video is proof of the fact that women who yearn for sexual satisfaction are willing to invest huge amounts of money for judgement-free, sexual satisfaction.

Most of these women have likely toyed with the idea on numerous occasions, and have made advances on men in their own social circles, but have not succeeded in making a large sexual investment, e.g. bedding an adequate partner who has been collecting on their minor sexual investments.

This video further shows that (surprise surprise) men will compete for the role of sexually satisfying women who are actively displaying sexual signs of availability. And these competitors, as you would suspect, get women soooooo worked up.

Even though it is disgusting to think that these women are willing to risk HIV for the sexual thrill of sexual tourism, the actionable take-aways from this video are:

  • Find areas where women congregate
  • Approach females with the intent to bed them
  • Communicate in an amicable manner who you are and why you are meeting
  • Identify the logistics of getting to their “safe-space”
  • Close the deal
  • Rinse & Repeat

For most men, the thought of approaching women like this is terrifying. But when you have new women congregating to those “hot-zones” everyday, and there is no way for these women to use social-media to analyze you, all that is left is making attempts until you collect your prize with zero-fucks-given.


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