Reading Notes: 1st Edition

Hey folks!

I started this really great book recently that I would like to start sharing with you. Well, at least the notes from my reading.

The book is called How to Master the Art of Selling.

Now before you go all… “BLARG!! I hate selling, Alixander!” on me, I need you to settle on down and let me roll out with the advantages of being a salesperson.

7 Advantages to Selling as a Profession

Freedom Of Expression

One of the fundamental features of being an American, if not a member of the free world, is that one can speak freely. But what you soon learn as you become employed, as you become matured, as you cultivate a profession – most careers don’t want you to say what you are not allowed to say and must follow express yourself as you are paid to say.

As a Salesperson, or a Sales Professional, the only thing that matters at the end of the day in the eyes of your profession, in your career, is the money that you make the company. That isn’t to say that you can go run your mouth and treat your customers terribly. Does any one assume that you would ever be able to keep customers by talking smack on them? Say no.

With that said, however, is that as a Sales Professional is afforded the opportunity by their bosses, their peers, and their customers to create the Stimulus that creates Pause in a customer who will in turn React with a demand for a purchase order and be happy about it.

Freedom To Be Successful As You Want


You are the person who sets the standard for how much money you want to make, you are the person that creates the limitation of success in your life.

Don’t believe me?

When you past (or current) employer sat you down and said, “The pay is [X].” Which of the two did you say:

  • “Okay.”
  • “I do appreciate your offer, and I believe that you have made a generous offer, but I will not work for anything less than [2X].”

Now I know what you are saying, “But Alixander, how could I reject that offer? It was the only job I could find.”

Do you want to know something? Say yes.

Selling Is A Daily Challenge

There are few jobs in the world where you have to be committed to getting a job everyday like selling does. You have to remain committed to making each and every moment of every day as productive a possible.

For some people, that challenge is out of their reach. That isn’t to say that they aren’t capable of being a top salesperson; I am convinced that anyone can be a master salesperson. What I am saying is that everyone who wants to make it anywhere is sales has to attack the challenge daily.

And even when you have the biggest sale of your career, you still have to do the prospecting, the qualifying, the appointments, the closings. All of it, you have to stay committed to the fundamentals of selling every single day. That is a challenge. And when you do, the rewards are astounding.

High return – Low cost

As I was saying, the rewards are astounding for the cost.

Sure, you will see hours of your life without a pay check. And most of what it will have cost you will be the time that you have put in and the phone bill you pay for. Yes, you can use a high tech setup to optimize the hours that you invest, but even then the cost is minuscule compared to what other entrepreneurs who aren’t in the business of selling have to expense out.

One of these days you will run into a sales person and you will learn how much they earn relative to the degree of work they perform and you will likely burn inside at how immense a difference this is to other careers. If not yours.

Consider the returns, the rewards, of selling and you will understand this important advantage.

Selling is fun

Of all the jobs that I have ever had, and having had the chance to sell lots of things, it is fun to meet great people and to help them into a product they want and you know they’ll enjoy. Truly.

There have been many jobs where the people I have had to work with and the people I have had to serve have been less than favorable. In all those instances I was working for someone else who didn’t care whether you liked their product or their customers. To them, were you doing what you were paid to do? That was the only thing that mattered to them.

I have worked now as a salesperson for over a decade, in many different industries and in different capacities. So I am confident when I say selling product and services that I admire is the most fun and fulfilling work that I do. There is something about being connected to the passion you have for your product, and the people you are presenting to, that creates a momentum that is hard to find anywhere else. Especially when it comes to high ticket items. Nothing is more exhilarating.

Selling satisfying

Not only is it fun to sell the product you love to the people you come to care about, but it is immensely satisfying. As long as you are honest and ethical in your sales process and in your presentation, when people leave happy, there is not a more satisfying feeling in the professional realm. Seriously. 

What’s more is that you feel appreciated for doing the right thing. Especially when your customers send their friends and family to you to learn the benefits of the product you are offering – volumes could be written on the degree of personal satisfaction that comes with knowing that you have made another sale from another happy customer.

Stimulates growth

“Highest paid hard work or, […] lowest paid easy work”

-Tom “Top” Hopkins

As a salesperson, you are held to an entirely different standard than your local barista. That isn’t to say that she isn’t hard working, dedicated, or excited about her product. Salespeople are held to a different standard. They are in demand, they are demanded to be successful, and they are demanded to demonstrate the traits of a successful person. A salesperson will be judged in the first 15 seconds of the initial meeting (in-phone or in-person) and those judgements last a lifetime.

Salespeople are required to make their physical health, their mental awareness, their emotional fitness into their tools. A salesperson must always stay ahead of their body’s physical needs, their mental requirements for learning, and their emotional well-being so that they are able to take on the limitations of others.

Take it from me, there was a time when I believe that I could just float on by as a salesperson… but you must grow, you must. Closing another sale is simply an expression of that growth that you have manifested in your life.

When you have an interest in learning more about Tom Hopkins and his incredible book, click here to follow the link to Amazon and start your adventure into How to Master the Art of Selling.

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