How to Build Systems

It took like 90 days from the time that my goal, or the result, was made manifest into my reality when I said, this is what I want to do.


Below is an Edited Transcription

Today’s video is actually dedicated to a video that I saw on YouTube which you should find in the link below and I hope you enjoy it.

It really radicalized the way that I conceive of doing my process.

The query for Saturday was how to build a system.

Okay, so how do you build a system? The thing that was really neat about this video was that when I started thinking about how to build a system (or any system for that matter). And then I realized, there’s already systems at play.

If you’ve read that book Frank Herbert wrote called Dune one of the things that is talked about from the Mentats is that you watch whatever is going on. Just continue and once you understand how it works influence it how you choose to.

The First Law of Mentat: ‘A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.’

Frank Herbert | Dune

That’s a grave over generalization, but the point still stands and as it was sitting in the back of my mind as I was learning about how to build a system while I watching the above YouTube video. I was like, “Holy crap. This guy knows what he’s talking about.”

But, on the other hand, he’s a little bit behind. Not by too much, simply in that he’s not addressing that there are systems already in the works. You’re already involved with systems all the time.

From this video, just taking his diagram (and I didn’t come up with this. I’m just going to say that loud and clear), what we do is we take and make four beautiful boxes. Four beautiful boxes. I know… four lovely little boxes… but that makes all the difference in the world apparently. It does okay.

So I’m going to start with the end in mind. Thank you Stephen Covey beautiful beautiful phrase that people have made so much money off of, thank you. So beginning with the end in mind.


All right, when were thinking about systems we have to understand ultimately what results from the system. What are the what is the output that we’re seeing here? I know that this is going to be a little weird at first, but when we’re thinking of something like how like this video (or this blog post)

This creative work is the result of… what did it take to make this video?


Alright this video took a process. Okay, in order to make it it took a process. All right the process. And to make this process occur. What was the part of the process was we had to film We had to screen capture. Which is essentially filming just from another angle so strike that we had to film we had to record audio.

And we had to edit.

And yeah, now I went one step farther and I also transcribed (hence, a long form blog post). I’m going to show you why I did that here in a minute. Transcribe…. Whoo. That is tough. We gotta make this easier on myself. Okay, so Transcribe…

So what did it take in order for us to undergo this process?


Well, we used tools. And the tools that we used were

  • A camera
  • A mic
  • Surface Pro
  • My phone.
  • Live transcribe. Thanks, Google.
  • OBS
  • Animotica

Where did this video end up? Well, it actually will end up on YouTube (& WordPress).


Now the very last thing that is involved with all of this is such a simple thing. It’s so simple. Who’s the actor? And it’s me. So me the actor, I used all the tools: the camera, the mic, the Surface Pro, my phone, live transcript, OBS, Aminotica, and I also filmed, recorded audio, edited, transcribed, and put it all together on YouTube (& WordPress).

So when I thought about that in terms of a system, right there… that whole thing…. There is a system. It kind of got me thinking, like really wild thoughts.

Okay. So let’s go ahead and erase. Oh no. No you Let’s um I want my Eraser to do something specific. Hey. Hopefully I’ll like jump cut this because it’s freaking boring listening to just like watch me erase. So watch me erase and if I… Okay.

Putting it together in reverse, ie Reverse Engineering Results

So now let’s look at this in terms of the systems that we’re already involved with. We can use this this canvas over and over… ( ad nauseum). What you’ll start to see is there are so many systems that we are already in play that we don’t have to go build new systems. We just have to improve on them. And we either have to improve the result, the process, the tools, or the actors.

Reverse Engineer the Result

Now, this sounds wild, but I feel like the most effective thing that we can always improve is the result. Specifically when I say improve the result… I don’t mean like we have a we have more clicks or we had more views like that.” Unless that’s the result, well, then we have to look at the total process that’s involved. (I guess what I meant was how you define your result.)

So for this example, let’s look at a very specific business-oriented kind of result. Let’s say that you want to make money. Okay. The question is “How much money?” Let’s say that I want to make $10,000 before September 1st.

Now for a lot of YouTube creators, for a lot of video creators, they’ve already done this. I need to be more specific, 10K before September first, through online marketing, & online sales. Sure, online sales. Yeah, that’s what I want.

Reverse Engineer the Processes

So when we look at the entire process, the process that I know how to do. Wow that girl’s kind of cute. Anyway, the process that I know how to do is… working backwards…. I’ve already accomplished this goal (I actually made 10k in August through online marketing and sales)…

The process of making money as a realtor, backwards.

  • You would need to have your your file reviewed to obtain a check for having closed a client
  • To do this you would need to obtain signatures on all the prerequisite contracts and disclosures
  • To do that, you would need to prep all docs with your esignature service/compliance software
  • And before that you would need to show homes the client would want to purchase
  • And before that you would need to search for homes.

So let’s just assume that you guys know that I’m in the business of real estate. Let’s just assume that you know that, and this process takes you (and the client) on a search for homes. Wherein, you show the homes, prep the docs like their offer documents and disclosures, obtain their signatures, and then once everything’s all done, you and the client have gone through that whole process, the file is reviewed and I get a check.

Those are the processes.


I could take those processes and described in a bullet point fashion all of the little things that have to happen in order for that process to undergo.

Reverse Engineer the Tools

But what tools does it take to go through those processes:

  • MLS
  • Supra
  • eSigning software.
  • Brokerage accounts
  • You need a car.

(Quick Story)

My very first client, we walked all the houses. We wanted to go for a walk that day. See, it was a very lovely day. In fact, I remember when we found the house he wanted while walking. It was so nice. Anyway, so you don’t need a car but it definitely helps it helps improve the result. And for specifically 10K before September 1st? Yeah, a car was necessary. That’s for sure.


Back to the Transcription

(Clearly rambling to myself about how one of the two sales was a buyer and the other was a seller…) Now the thing that’s so interesting about this is, achieving the result took two different kinds of processes (groups). There was actually the home search… It was a… We have ‘searching for it (meaning home)’, in terms of listing a home and buying a home. But yeah, I got I guess there’d be more processes, but I’m just going to keep going with this generalization… e-signature…. You’d need a brokerage with some people.

Reverse Engineer the Actors

Another than that who are the actors?

So you know, there’s a lot more actors that play with this (meaning a real estate transaction). There’s:

  • me (the buyer’s agent)
  • the buyers
  • the sellers
  • the seller’s agent (sometimes that’s me)
  • There’s brokerages staff
  • The loan officer
  • the buyers crew

There’s a lot more actors, less tools, more process… And yeah, I did hit 10K before September first. It was awesome. I did it in like 90 days. It took like 90 days from the time that my goal, or the result was made manifest into my reality when I said, this is what I want to do.

(And just like that) all these processes rolled out. And now it’s September 1st is right around the corner and I’m going to have 10 grand. Yeah, and that’s kind of what I’m talking about. It is like when I saw this canvas (pointing to the whiteboard app on screen), I realized “Holy crap, I need to, like, really get organize with what results I’m really looking for and understand what processes are at play, what tools am I using, and what actors are involved.

Systems Analysis Exercise + Some Thoughts on Behavioral Psychology + Wrap Up


More importantly, I want you to do this exercise. I want you to take this dude’s canvas, all right, and I want you to start listing some of the results in your life good or bad, for ill or for fame… or whatever… and I want you to look at like what are the process that’s getting you that result. With what tools are being used to create that result, and that that process requires. What are the actors involved, with the tools, undergoing the process, that generates the result.

Behavioral Psychology

You know in Psychology, specifically in Behavioral Psychology, they (spooky… but I mean they the scientists) look at the ABCs of behavior, which is antecedent behavior and consequence. The antecedent is what are all the things that took place before, the context. What was the behavior is be right? So Antecedent… Behavior…. What was the behavior and then the Consequence see what? What kicked back on the behavior to facilitate its continued movement?

Wrap Up

And so to wrap up this video for Strategy Saturday.

What I encourage you to do is please comment on this video (or this blog post). I love comments or you can favorite, subscribe, hit the bell, do the things that everybody’s telling you to do (implying other youtubers and not “everybody”). Improve your systems for getting Strategy Saturday delivered to you.

Anyway that wraps up strategy Saturday. I hope you really enjoyed that. I really enjoyed it. I’m like super invigorated right now because I know that tomorrow being Sunday, August, the 25th, I’m going to sit down because a good lady told me that I need to sit down like towards the end of the month of every month and ask what and where am I at with my goals now.

I was I’m a huge fan and believer of goals, but they’ve never worked because ultimately they are the wrong idea. I guess I think they’re the wrong idea…. That dude who makes the Dilbert comics, he was interviewed by Tim Ferriss and in the Tools of Titans. He says (paraphrasing heavily), you know, I stopped going after goals and started working towards systems. That’s when my mind was, like, ‘Wait. What? Working towards systems? What does that mean?”

And it came to me this morning and I thought holy crap! If once a month, I’ve got to review what systems I am working on for the next month, then the question is ‘On Monday, what changes am I doing to my system? On Tuesday, what changes am I doing to my system on Wednesday? Thursday, Friday, Saturday, what changes am I doing to my system?

Oh with that alarms going off. My laundry is done and… (chuckling to myself) there’s a really good one… That’s a part of my system! The laundry system!

I hope you really enjoyed this. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for watching. Have a good day. Au revoir, auf wiedersehen, and… let’s see… screen record over.

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