Hi there!

My name is Alixander.

Alixander the Great

You probably found this blog from one of the posts I made on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, some other social media channel, a blogs/websites that I engage with, or I told you to go here. Glad to have you.

About me: I am a husband, business owner, Realtor, entrepreneur, and writer. I love making deals today so we can all get paid tomorrow with people who got paid today because we signed the agreement yesterday.

I have sold millions of dollars of real estate, I have management hundreds of apartments units, I have made thousands of dollars using my typewriter, I grow a fabulously luscious beard (seriously, people get the beard-envy), and I absolutely love my wife who will one-day bare my children. Five children. Maybe not in the same day. But I wouldn’t complain.

I am working to expand my property management company, my property maintenance company, and my real estate company in Salt Lake City all while writing the next top seller. I know, I am ambitious. Maybe what I ought to call one of my books: “The Art of Ambition.”

I use this website to post the audio from books I am reading aloud. I use works of fiction to expand my vocabulary and to practice the subtle art of exploring the world from different narrative view points.

If you didn’t know, I read like a lot – like a whole lot – and the notes I have collected while studying non-fiction books are freely offered here on my site so that you can gain the same insights that I have.

But I’m not just books only, yo, I love lots of products, places, & services, and I love giving recommendation to others to buy what I buy, go where I go, and use what I use.

I hope that you will stay up to date with everything I post here and to do so, all you have to do is subscribe below!