Books Read Aloud: Episode 3

The Three Musketeers – Chapter 42 |”The Anjou Wine”

Chapter 42 – “The Anjou Wine” | The Three Musketeers
Anjou Wine

This was quite the fun chapter to read, it is amazing how Dumas is able to weave so many compelling emotions together in a single chapter: joy, excitement, fear, anxiety, sadness, anguish, paranoia, introspection. Dumas characters (albeit type-casted) have a way of coming alive through the action of each chapter. I particularly like Athos, he is such a rad dude.

Be sure to invest in this incredible classic by picking up a copy of the book from Amazon.

Or you can just watch the movie instead… but you won’t get as much history our of it as your will the book.

Reading Notes: 1st Edition

Hey folks!

I started this really great book recently that I would like to start sharing with you. Well, at least the notes from my reading.

The book is called How to Master the Art of Selling.

Now before you go all… “BLARG!! I hate selling, Alixander!” on me, I need you to settle on down and let me roll out with the advantages of being a salesperson.

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