Gym Log

Gymlog 092519

Workout 5: Shoulders, Legs, Calves

Mood: Purposeful

Weight: 181

Time: 18:04

Warmup: Eliptical (5min)


1) Dumbbell Lateral Raise|3|12-15|15

  • Running in place in between sets for 60 sec.

2) Barbell Front Raise|3|12-15|40

  • Squats in between sets 60 sec

3) Dumbbell Bent-over Lateral Raise|3|12-15|10

  • Jumping Jacks in between sets 60 sec

4) Leg Extension|4|12-15|25

  • Mountain Climbers in between sets 60 sec

5) Leg Curl|4|12-15|80

  • High Knees in between sets 60 seec

6) Seated Calf Raise (in seated squat machine)|3|12-15|130

  • Burpees in between sets 60 sec

7) Donkey Kicks (Machine)|3|12-15|50

  • Running in place in between sets 60 sec

8) Yoga

Get rooted & breathe.

Alixander 092519

The hardest part of today’s workout was having to do the burpees. Hands down. And not because burpees are all that difficult, it’s the umpf, the more-than-follow-thru effort they need to get them over head.

And what I did like is the mountain Climbers after the leg extensions. It got me sweating real hard. Little drops of fatigue and self-doubt left in puddles, that’s what I see. And I like to see it.

The one thing that I feel awful talking about is the gas I’ve been feeling lately trying a plant-entric diet. Now, I’m not vegan nor vegetarian nor an anything, but these farts have been floral. I know, gross. But I don’t want to leave those in the gym space, so I hace o take breaks to pass gas. So… excuse me, is what I’m saying.

This work out took about an hour, with yoga included. Only recently started implementing that to the end of the work out. Highly recommend it.

Gym Log

Gym Log: 092419

Workout 4: Chest, Tris, Abs

Mood: Optimistic

Weight: 180 3/8ths LBS

Time: 18:05

Warm up: 5 min on Eliptical

Exersice | Set | Reps | Weight

1) Incline Dumbell Flye | 3 | 12-15 | 30

  • (Run in place between sets for 60 sec)

2) Dumbell Flye | 3 | 12-15 | 25

  • (Lunge Jumps between sets for 60 sec.)

3) Cable Crossovers | 3 | 12-15 | 15

  • (High Knees between sets for 60 sec.)

4) tricep Pushdowns | 3 | 12-15 | 50

  • (Jumping Jacks between sets for 60 sec.)

5) Overhead Dumbell Extension | 3 | 12-15 | 20

  • (Squat Jumps between sets for 60 sec.)

6) Cable Lying Tricep Extensions | 3 | 12-15 | 15

  • (KB Swings between sets for 60 sec.)

7) Crunch | 3 | 12-15 | 0

  • (Dumbell Lunge between sets for 60 sec.)

8) Standing Oblique Cable Crunch | 3 | 12-15 | 15

  • (Run in place between sets for 60 sec)

9) Yoga

Set your intention, and release your tension. The target will come to your direction.

Alixander 092419

At the gym today I worked out the chest, my Triceps, and the abs. It was very difficult to keep up with some of the Cardio accelerators that I chose for today, especially the Lunge jump.

I liked how hard my heart was beating, I checked my pulse read on my Samsung watch a couple times and my final reading was 150 BPM. I’m not sure if that’s bad or good, but I was sweating and feeling strong.

I am proud of the people I see workout as frequently as I do, I like seeing consistency from others in the gym. I often wonder if others like seeing me be consistent at the gym or at anything? I’m pretty ure consistency is valued in the gym community.

What do you think?