List of missions calles nextactions

  1. Review replies from data mining listing
  2. Hire Data Miner
  3. Create a listing for a website analysis to be done on
  4. Update calendar
  5. Create a call to action on the selling info page.
  6. Link the kw blog to the social media channels
  7. Follow up on web analysis listing
  8. Make calls for to UAA
  9. Make Calls for KWUTAHREALTORS to expireds
  10. Make calls for KWUTAHREALTORS to FSBO
  11. Grab your usb key fob from Jessica’s desk
  12. Add a social button to all of the pages
  13. Develop a high level of organized footer
  14. Build a KW community index
  15. Build out the services of the appointments page
  16. Verify Google Listing Phone Number
  17. Flesh Out google mybusiness website
  18. Flesh out Yelp
  19. Copy all online documents to red usb drive.
  20. Audit emails cross system kwutahrealtors needs to have them all as the bank
  21. Find out where you can do that neighborhood market report

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