11 Things I learned reading… The Way of Men by Jack Donovan

This is a fantastic book truly I really enjoyed the political ramifications that are to be considered when following these 11 simple thing.

The Way of Men

  1. Stand your ground.
  2. Set your perimeter.
  3. Protect what you have.
  4. Hunt for what you need.
  5. Defend against them.
  6. Define who is us.
  7. Cultivate strength.
  8. Demonstrate courage.
  9. Master you skills.
  10. Honor others who do the same.
  11. Recruit them to join the gang.

Let me know what you think of what I learned. Have you read his book? Are you a good man, or are you good at being a man? Is there a difference? Who is them, and who is us for you?

Comment below!

Gymlog 092519

Workout 5: Shoulders, Legs, Calves

Mood: Purposeful

Weight: 181

Time: 18:04

Warmup: Eliptical (5min)


1) Dumbbell Lateral Raise|3|12-15|15

  • Running in place in between sets for 60 sec.

2) Barbell Front Raise|3|12-15|40

  • Squats in between sets 60 sec

3) Dumbbell Bent-over Lateral Raise|3|12-15|10

  • Jumping Jacks in between sets 60 sec

4) Leg Extension|4|12-15|25

  • Mountain Climbers in between sets 60 sec

5) Leg Curl|4|12-15|80

  • High Knees in between sets 60 seec

6) Seated Calf Raise (in seated squat machine)|3|12-15|130

  • Burpees in between sets 60 sec

7) Donkey Kicks (Machine)|3|12-15|50

  • Running in place in between sets 60 sec

8) Yoga

Get rooted & breathe.

Alixander 092519

The hardest part of today’s workout was having to do the burpees. Hands down. And not because burpees are all that difficult, it’s the umpf, the more-than-follow-thru effort they need to get them over head.

And what I did like is the mountain Climbers after the leg extensions. It got me sweating real hard. Little drops of fatigue and self-doubt left in puddles, that’s what I see. And I like to see it.

The one thing that I feel awful talking about is the gas I’ve been feeling lately trying a plant-entric diet. Now, I’m not vegan nor vegetarian nor an anything, but these farts have been floral. I know, gross. But I don’t want to leave those in the gym space, so I hace o take breaks to pass gas. So… excuse me, is what I’m saying.

This work out took about an hour, with yoga included. Only recently started implementing that to the end of the work out. Highly recommend it.

Worklog 092519

Projects Index

Today’s work was quite different.

Project #1 progress: Create boundaries between personal and work life

Objective #1 progress: Creating a pile of work

Working with the intent to keep my personal life and my work life separate.

I feel like I focused smart by staying in a “work book” for the day. And I felt that having a smart device dedicated as the “work device” led to the feeling that there was separation. Especially considering that the work device has only work accounts.

Project #2 progress: Building a repository of videos about real estate called SLC.Agency

Objective #1 progress: Defining the scope of the real estate repository

I met my match today trying to come up with as many real estate impacting jobs; so I started listing all the kinds of jobs in Salt Lake City, and that was crazy difficult. I came up with 150 different jobs and now I need to interview and showcase all of them. Granted, I will probably add to that list; and I will most likely prioritize the ones that have a greater level of impact on my credibility.

To make my self look good, we gotta make others look great!

I also realized that I need to start bringing the pro-equipment to the office to make progress towards learning how it works – at least how to quickly and effectively get the content processed for release.

Project #3 progress : Book Published for The Poem Pros

Objective #1 progress: 100 User Generated Stories

I am excited to have the sign say “Help us!” and show off “x# of 100 left before we go to the publisher!”