100 Books

I got started reading 100 books sometime February in 2020, and I really started to rev it up during the quarantine that started in Utah in March of 2020. Granted, I did not know that I was in this project until I had finished Ultralearning… and so many of the fiction works that I had read were not reviewed.

Why I am Reading 100 Books and Reviewing

Honestly, I read all the time. And in order for me to keep better track of what I have read and what I have learned, I wanted to start cataloging what I have read.

Succinctly, why I am reading 100 books is because I intrinsically need to be learning from diverse sources about diverse topics.

All The Whats About The 100 Books I Read


There are many different books that I have preselected for this project and they seem to range from the following topics:

  • “Being a man”
  • Modern Marketing
  • Mindset
  • Historic Analysis
  • Travel Guide
  • Fiction
  • Biographies
  • Math
  • Physical Training
  • Psychology
  • Money Management
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry
  • Encyclopedias
  • Dictionaries
  • Language Journals


There are in fact 100 books that I am working to read, and they can be found below once I have finished them, and they will be linked to a post once completed.


Starship Troopers

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldrich

Casino Royal



Admittedly, reading is an incredibly satisfying skill and it is also an incredibly time consuming skill. With that said, there are some other things that I have learned while doing this project. Once I have identified a procedure, they will be listed below. Once I have reported on the procedure, I will have a link below.

  • How to speed up an audiobook in google play books app to three or four times spead
  • How to do bullet journalling
  • How to make a youtube live video
  • How to make blog posts
  • How to market content on social media
  • How to do my own investment planning
  • How to read a poem
  • How to write a poem
  • How to torrent books from the web
  • How to use a VPN to hide from people who don’t want you torrenting
  • How to sell gold

Our fish is responsibly caught from sustainable sources.

How I Am Doing This Project

The biggest thing that I wanted to report on this project was how I came up with the list and how I came up with this project.

I was wondering one morning after I had finished doing all the bookkeeping for 2019 for my business and personal life, what I was going to do to fill the time that was now available.

While immediately there wasn’t a clue as to what it was that I wanted to do, I started reading a book about cashflow management that I really enjoyed and the quantum leap that it caused in my life reignited my love for reading all over again. With that, I started wondering what other books I could be reading about.

I had been exploring a concept in GTD at the time that rather intrigued me that is not well documented in that methodologies literature: habits. And that’s when I went looking for my first book in a book store. While at a corporate bookstore, I found myself thinking about habits and how to better utilize this power in my own habits. As luck would have it, I found this book.

Surprised by the price of the book, I decided to check out my local library. As it stands, anything that you want at a bookstore can be found at the local library. But anything that is popular or in high demand at the bookstore is probably checked out at the library. I found this to be the case with many books that I wanted to read. So what did I do… I turned to the net.

In a very short amount of time I learned where you can find lots of available titles that are in high demand, for nothing at all. That happened to be torrenting. While I don’t advocate torrenting books in all situations, I found that my local bookstores didn’t carry the titles I wanted and I wasn’t interested in contributing to the bottom line of the big chains either. So I torrented the damn books and I’ll burn in book hell forever for it.

Moving on.

So after I finished a few titles, that when I asked myself, “What are all the books that are being hosted right now by the P2P networks?” And that’s when I collected the majority of titles that will build into this project. I anticipate that many of them were purchased legally at one point, but now it would seem that they are being shared across the net.

Anywhoo… so that’s how it started.

Realizing that it would take too long for me to read all of these titles word for word, I found that I could upload them into google play books and I could tell it to simply read them to me. WOW!!! That was a game changer, now I could literally have audio books everywhere I go and not have to contribute to corporate online retailer’s bottom line either. I felt pretty good about that.

But even that was too slow, and so I learned how to speed up the text-to-voice reader to like three times as fast. NOW THIS IS PODRACING! Basically, I was processing books as fast as I could audibly understand them. This requires incredible amount of focus and I generally have to be asking myself what did I learn, and what notes should I be taking. Pretty soon I could see that I needed to be sharing the information that I was gathering to others as quickly as I could. And that’s ultimately how this all started.