Worklog 092519

Projects Index

Today’s work was quite different.

Project #1 progress: Create boundaries between personal and work life

Objective #1 progress: Creating a pile of work

Working with the intent to keep my personal life and my work life separate.

I feel like I focused smart by staying in a “work book” for the day. And I felt that having a smart device dedicated as the “work device” led to the feeling that there was separation. Especially considering that the work device has only work accounts.

Project #2 progress: Building a repository of videos about real estate called SLC.Agency

Objective #1 progress: Defining the scope of the real estate repository

I met my match today trying to come up with as many real estate impacting jobs; so I started listing all the kinds of jobs in Salt Lake City, and that was crazy difficult. I came up with 150 different jobs and now I need to interview and showcase all of them. Granted, I will probably add to that list; and I will most likely prioritize the ones that have a greater level of impact on my credibility.

To make my self look good, we gotta make others look great!

I also realized that I need to start bringing the pro-equipment to the office to make progress towards learning how it works – at least how to quickly and effectively get the content processed for release.

Project #3 progress : Book Published for The Poem Pros

Objective #1 progress: 100 User Generated Stories

I am excited to have the sign say “Help us!” and show off “x# of 100 left before we go to the publisher!”